First, let me say welcome to NCRLA.COM. This site has been made available for all National Car Rental Licensee with the purpose of allowing you to access important information regarding your franchise in an easy-to-use web site. This site is also the home of OBO, a web-based back-office system that can help you meet the reporting and analysis needs of your company.

Now let's get down to business. If you're a licensee owner, city/station manager, or even a rental agent, this site has tools that you can use. Listed below are just a few of the portions of the site you can access for absolutely no charge

  • Online Bulletin Boards. These are "discussion areas" that allow you to discuss issues and topics (such as the Odyssey to One-System conversion) with other users of the site.
  • Legal Documents and Forms. There are many documents and spreadsheets available for immediate access, such as rental guidelines for each state in the country
  • Revenue Summary Reports. You can access, free of charge, a small portion of the OBO Back-Office system. You will be able to run reports that help you analyze your business trends by many different factors
  • You may also try out the full-fledged version of the OBO Back-Office system if you would like. This gives you access to daily detail reports such as cash and credit card reports, direct bill invoice printing, a daily business report, and many more analysis tools you can't get with the Summary Reports.
  • Finally (well, at least for this page), this web site contains an entire section dedicated to incremental/counter sales. This allows your agents to watch their progress through the month as they sell products such as LDW and SLI, and, if you wish, we can even enter formulas to automatically calculate commissions based on your rules.
  • So, you want access? Just fill out the following form and click 'Send.' Your request will be forwared on to the administrator of this site (that's me: Chet) and we'll see about getting you online in a day or two. Depending on if you already have a backoffice system, we may have to do some work getting it stored on our computers, but we've done it before, and we'll do it again!

    Oh, one more thing! This site is available anywhere in the world via the Internet at www.ncrla.com or via the NCR Intranet at ncrla-web.

    Thanks for visiting!


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